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Stellum Spirits

Stellum Black The Lone Cypress

Stellum Black The Lone Cypress

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This savory and delicate rye blend is defined by notes of dried herbs and pine, with a hint of salt-air salinity. It’s named for one of the world’s most famous trees, found on the picturesque coast of the Monterey Peninsula.

ABV: 57.67%
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Flavor Notes

  • Appearance


  • Nose

    Soft aromas of cedar and a buckwheat honey sweetness. Slight notes of burnt orange peels and an apricot kernel-like nuttiness. Lingering pleasant spices like toasted allspice and peppercorns.

  • Palate

    It immediately coats the mouth and presents a flavor reminiscent of saltwater taffy. There are satisfying notes of ripe apricot and peach skins complimented by freshly baked pastry dough.

  • Finish

    On the exhale, there are faint flavors of chamomile tea and more baked goods like an apple cider donut. The orchard fruit flavors persist and become jammy.