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Stellum Spirits

Stellum Black Fibonacci Blend #1

Stellum Black Fibonacci Blend #1

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This release of Stellum Black Specialty Rye celebrates the Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers, each the sum of the two previous numbers. Six separate rye blends were combined in accordance with this sequence. Just like so many other presentations of Fibonacci, the blend that it produced was both balanced and beautiful.

ABV: 57.56% | Bottled at Cask-strength
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Flavor Notes

  • Appearance

    Deep copper.

  • Nose

    Citrus forward with a delicate spice on the back and lasting earthy notes of tobacco and oak.

  • Palate

    Honey and lemon hit the tongue with a slight earthiness reminiscent of black tea. Brown butter and molasses come forward revealing the softer side of the whiskey followed by clove and brown sugar. A touch of cinnamon-apples and chocolate come through before revealing the charred oak tannins.

  • Finish

    A long finish that touches each part of the palate. Savory and sweet, the lemon and honey are a delicate sweet base layer to the rich clove, ginger, and tobacco spice forefront. The oak shows through on the finish, highlighting that there is some finely aged whiskey in the blend.